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APM - What is it?

Aktualisiert: 22. Aug. 2022

Learn more about the APM and why it can help in many different situations.

From colds to muscle tension, migraines to pregnancy: APM can support and contribute to healing in so many situations. But isn't the treatment then totally unspecific? Find out why this is not the case and why it helps so often.

The beauty of APM is that it does not suppress the symptoms, but solves the causes, i.e. fundamental disturbances in our energy flow. As a result, the symptoms can disappear. APM is based on the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even the ancient Chinese knew that energy flows through our body. Albert Einstein also knew that matter, including our body, is created by energy. So there can be blockages in our energy system that lead to energetic states of fullness and emptiness. By stroking the meridians, these blockages are released. In addition, scars are cleared and blocked sacroiliac joints are released, as these can also have negative effects on the energy flow.

In addition to APM, I free the body from negative energies. Often, these are unprocessed emotions that have become lodged in the body. You can imagine it like a fist-sized ball of energy that disturbs your energy in a certain part of your body. For me, the combination of energetics and APM is absolutely coherent - before bringing the energy into a flowing balance with APM, I release negative energies and restore the original frequency. In terms of the procedure, the treatment is always the same or similar, but it is always based on the current energetic diagnosis and therefore, of course, different meridians are treated. In this way, the treatment is always optimally adapted to the symptoms and the current condition of my clients.

Of course, disturbances in the energy flow do not simply occur, but are triggered by our environment. The environment includes not only our diet, exercise, environmental toxins etc. but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions. These are our most powerful tools to make us ill, but also to heal us! Therefore, I also like to look at these aspects during treatment and, if desired and appropriate, provide a few ideas in these areas. After all, I want the people who come to me to create a life in which they are doing so well that they only come to me once in a while because they enjoy the treatment!


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