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I am Lisa.
I guide people to access their heart and to truly live their life from there.



Who is this for?

If you find yourself in one or more of these points, apply for a free coaching call to find out whether I can help you.

- You have a pretty good life and sometimes you feel something is missing / isn't quite right

- You are longing for more ease and joy in your life

- You tend to overthink things

- Your emotions can be quite overwhelming 

- You have done some courses on mindfulness and personal development and

feel you are not where you wanted to be in your life

- You are struggeling a bit in one area of your life



What can you expect?


Deep, sustainable transformation.

A new connection with your heart.

Healing your inner child. 

Activating your heart energy.

Living life from your heart.

Trust in life.

Love, compassion for yourself.

Ease, grace and freedom.

My love, guidance and belief in you.

Be aware that this might also include:


Feeling uncomfortable. 

Feels scary.

Taking action.


But at the end, it will set you free.


„May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions cont
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What some of my clients are saying...


Lisa is incredible. After just the first session the shift I  experienced was amazing.  Her knowledge and expertise is amazing. If you want to make a shift in your life then Lisa is the person I  would highly recommend - she is outstanding in every way.

Bridgette B. - Reflexologist & Aromatherapy

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How can I feel better? That was always my question and I tried different things. With Lisa's work I found a great solution for me. I feel full of energy again and I am able to tackle new projects with joy. So now I regularly use some of the methods Lisa teached me as it helps me keep my energy up. Lisa is competent, patient and empathetic. I am glad that I got to know her!

Sinmei C. - Founder Sinmei Tea, Chef & Food Consultant


Lisa is amazing. She helped me a lot with her positive attitude. She has reawakened more confidence in me! I came across Lisa during a very stressful phase in my life and I am very grateful. Already after the first session I felt so much better: I could think more clearly again, felt more secure in my thoughts and decisions and therefore a lot of emotional stress fell away from me. I felt much lighter and more balanced.

Maria L. - Consultant

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I am so glad I found Lisa. Through the sessions, Lisa has helped me tremendously with my depression, several specific ailments (balance issues, hip pain, pollen allergy) and my overall well-being in general. After each session I feel so much better - lighter, happier, more positive and ready to conquer another week ahead. 


Heather W.


After one session, things became effortless. I took decisions with more ease. 
Even physically I noticed a change: my shoulders were much more relaxed. 


Diana C. - Marketing Specialist



Working with Lisa has helped me to rebalance my energy and also recalibrate my mental approach to day to day life. The calmness Lisa brings to the chaos of life is undoubtedly beneficial to ones overall wellbeing.


P. A. 


Hi! My name is Lisa.

I am so excited to walk with you on that journey. My passion is about guiding people on their path to accessing their heart and living their truth. I share my experience, my perspective but you will walk the path to your own truth - with patience, kindness, compassion and love.

My life has always been about experiences. And making experiences means experiencing all kinds of emotions. There was certainly a time in my life, when I struggled with some emotions. I could not handle this feeling of insecurity very well that I sometimes had, I could not handle grief very well ( I remember when I was a child and my baby cats died I wanted to be strong which meant no crying), I could not handle the feeling of rejection very well.

And I experienced a time in my life where I felt such an incredible deep trust in life, so much love for life, I did not know worries and fears at that time. And I feel that life has been my biggest teacher. 

I could experience how it feels (for me!) to be in the present moment, how it feels to fully and deeply enjoy life and feel deeply humbled and deeply grateful. But I could also experience how it feels to lose a loved person (my dad died when I was 25), how it feels to be rejected, how it feels to not feel good enough, how it feels to be ashamed, how it feels to live with fears and worries. Bottom line, life has given my so many opportunities to grow, to navigate the unknown, to learn and to heal in the last 10 years that could also be the result of so many more years. 

What I know is this: We cannot control everything in our life and what happens in our environment. But if we learn how to be with our emotions and to navigate through different life experiences and emotions, we move from being the victim to being the master of our life. That's why my passion is to guide people on that journey and to start living a life from their heart.

It is time to live, time to embrace life, time to live an authentic life, time to experience emotions and time to heal. Time to get truly familiar with oneself, time to deeply connect with others, time to live wholeheartedly. 

With all my love,


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