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Growing sprouts - so easy and healthy!

I have been growing sprouts in my kitchen for some time now, and I use them mainly on salads, in soups or stews, on sandwiches and with potatoes. They provide valuable micronutrients and taste fresh and (depending on the seed) spicy. To grow your own sprouts, all you need is a sprouting container and seeds. I use the “Germinator biosnacky” from Rapunzel, so I can grow several seeds at the same time. You can get seeds in most organic grocery shops. I now buy larger quantities because I use sprouts often. You can find larger packages in top quality at Topfruits, for example (they only ship to some European countries). After harvesting, I rinse the sprouts and then put them in the fridge. They can be kept there for a few days. Alfalfa seeds are my favorites. They have a particularly high content of chlorophyll, secondary plant substances and antioxidants and taste very delicious. Other seeds I use include broccoli, radishes and rocket. The great thing about broccoli seeds is that they provide very valuable substances even without the germination process. That's why I put them in a mortar and then simply sprinkle them over soups. It is important not to cook the sprouts, as they lose their valuable nutrients when heated. Just try some different seeds and find out which ones you prefer. Have fun growing your own superfood :)



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