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Are you ready to change?

I am (even) not speaking about the big changes: new place to live, new partner, new job.... No! First of all, I mean small changes in your everyday life. And of course they can mean something different for each of us. Whether you try a new recipe, meditate for 10 minutes in the morning, exercise for 30 minutes a day, seek more deep conversations with your partner or other people, consciously observe your thoughts and try not to allow any more negative thoughts, or simply use your other hand to brush your teeth.

Why is change something great? Change doesn't necessarily mean that the current state is very bad. The wonderful thing about change is that it has so much to do with awareness. You first have to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to then be able to consciously decide how you no longer want to be and what you choose instead. Start to become an observer of your own thoughts and emotions! Maybe you notice certain thought patterns or you recognise which emotions drive your decisions? Are you deciding out of love or fear? Everything you notice is ok. Don't judge yourself for certain thoughts or emotions. Accept them and then, consciously choose how you want to think, feel and act instead. Which path do you choose?

How about doing one specific thing differently for the next four weeks? Of course, it should be something that is good for you. Maybe you are stressed and never take time for yourself? How about taking 30 minutes a day, starting today, to do something you really like to do? It can also be just sitting on the couch. Or, instead of checking your mobile phone in bed when you wake up, just check it for the first time (at the earliest) after breakfast. I'm sure you'll find something. Have fun with it :)


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