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How you can harmonize your energy flow during the day

There are various options how you can have a positive impact on your energy during the day. Today, I am sharing five ideas with you that you can easily integrate in your daily life.

Idea 1: After showering, simply dry off differently

In fact, in the direction of your energy flow. This means that you start on the inside of your feet, from there go upwards over the inside of your legs, over your upper body to slightly above armpit level and then down the inside of your arms to your palms. Then, turn to the outside of your hands, from there go over the outside of your arms, then from the front over your head and down over your back and down on the outside of your legs to your feet. Of course, you can also simply do this with the palms of your hands. You don't need to take a shower for this :) Do it 3-5 times in a row and feel your body before and after. Do you feel the difference?

Idea 2: Meditate the "Small Circuit"

The so called Small Circuit is made up of the conception vessel, the mother of all yin meridians, and the governor vessel, the father of all yang meridians. They form the basis for a balanced energy flow. Try the following (for example after waking up): Focus your attention on the point of your pubic bone and then slowly move your attention from there up the centre of your body to your lower lip. Circle your lips and then move over your head (always in the vertical middle line of the body) down your spine and close the circle until your attention returns to your pubic bone. Do this a few times in a row and notice the difference!

Idea 3: Lying 8 on your forehead

Close your eyes and with the fingertip of your index finger draw a lying eight on your forehead several times. This helps you to balance the energy between the right and left part of your brain. You will feel its harmonizing and calming effect right away! And it is super easy to apply during work as well:)

Idea 4: Drink warm instead of cold water

In many countries with hot climate, people often drink tea. At first glance, this may seem incomprehensible to many of us. But what is behind it?

Our body temperature is around 37 degrees Celcius. If we drink something cold, our body has to use energy to warm it up. Therefore, it is ideal for us to warm drinks to body temperature before drinking. This allows the body to save energy for other important processes. Do you know "Ayurvedic Champagne"? That's boiled water which is drunk warm throughout the day. By boiling the water, it changes its subtle structure and detoxifies the body better.

Idea 5: Conscious breathing

Breathing out corresponds to Yin, breathing in to Yang. To strengthen your Yin, consciously take time for your breath three times a day. Make sure that you exhale long, slowly and steadily. Exhale longer than you inhale and pause your breath in between. This brings more balance into your energy flow and your nervous system.


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