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My journey to the APM

In my first blog article, I would like to take you on my journey and share my passion for APM and energy work with you. Personally, this method has had a great impact on me and I would like to make as many people as possible aware of this method and thus enable them to have more quality of life and ease. It is certainly not a panacea, but it can work wonders - as it did for me four years ago.

I was always in top health until four years ago when I suddenly developed a wide variety of physical symptoms (everything from my head and back to my stomach was affected, so that at one point I could only eat boiled potatoes and could hardly lie down in the evening). At first, I was worried, but no medical examination revealed anything - except slightly elevated levels of inflammation. As I knew at the time, this can also be caused by emotional stress. The stress hormones that the body releases can lead to mild internal inflammation. I was abroad at the time and didn't really know what to do. So during a short stay in Germany, I went to an APM therapist on a recommendation. And I could hardly believe it, but from that moment on everything got better: first of all, my worries calmed down, I was more calm, relaxed and had more confidence. In the next days and weeks the symptoms became less and less and after another APM treatment I was completely liberated again. I was so fascinated and very appreciative of the treatment. While doctors prescribed me blatant antibiotics (without a clear diagnosis on "good luck"), this meridian massage and energy harmonisation helped me without any side effects. With this I do not want to condemn western medicine in general at all, nor do I want to claim that APM is always and everywhere an immediate help. I just want to show you that it is sometimes (actually always :) worth going a different way and getting involved in something new. Back then, when I was lying on the massage bed for the second time, I could immediately imagine having my own APM practice, but in my mind there were a lot of hurdles - too many at that time. But at least it was clear to me that I did not want to continue with my current job. Looking back, I knew in my heart that I just wanted to help people with APM and energy work, but I didn't have the courage. So for the time being I decided on something else that seemed easier and more normal to me - it was definitely better than the old job, just not the best. After all, I was at least already doing the APM training. It wasn't until I finally listened to my heart and didn't unconsciously fight it that I knew there was only one real "job" for me: APM and energy work. Since then, my highest intention has been to help as many people as possible to have a better quality of life and health.


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