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Strong immune system with the APM

Aktualisiert: 27. Okt. 2022

Prevention is better (and easier and faster) than cure. The acupuncture massage therapy (APM) is an excellent method to strengthen the body and make all its functions work harmoniously. This also has a positive effect on our immune system. How about attending a few APM sessions before winter? This way you can start the colder season with a strong immune system and enjoy it to the fullest!

Fortunately, I haven't had to fight colds or infections very often - but even less since I discovered the APM. Usually, a stronger immune system is also a positive side effect for people who come to me for an APM for another reason. APM is an excellent method to strengthen the body and make all its functions work harmoniously. This also has a positive effect on our immune system!

Did you know that in ancient China many families had their own doctor and that the doctor was fired as soon as a family member became ill? So the doctor "treated" even though everyone was healthy, in order to maintain exactly this condition. Whereas in those days prevention played the decisive role in medicine, nowadays we ignore many small signs that the body sends us to tell us that something is not quite right. Instead of then going into ourselves and creating a harmonious balance in our areas of life with positive changes, we wait for stonger symptoms and then hope for an immediate recovery from a pill or a surgery.

Supporting the natural self-regulation of the body

By nature, our body wants to be healthy and it is also equipped to regulate itself - provided we allow it to do so. In order to be in homeostasis, i.e. in balance, the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system must be in harmony. Due to many environmental factors, such as our stressful lifestyle, unfavourable eating habits and negative thoughts and emotions, this original, natural balance becomes unbalanced.

Balancing the yin and yang energy

APM balances the yin and yang energy in the body and activates the body's self-healing powers. Certain meridians are toned with a massage stick - so you enjoy a very beneficial treatment and do something good for your immune system at the same time. The therapist can also strengthen the so-called Wei-Chi. This is the outer protective layer of our immune system. If it is strong, it ensures that no external substances, germs etc. attack the deeper layers of the immune system. This is the best prevention! Positive effects for various diseases and complaints As you probably know, the immune system not only plays a role in colds and infections, but also in many other diseases and conditions. This is why, for example, patients undergoing chemotherapy can also benefit from the treatment: their body is strengthened and thus supported during chemo. Or just think of various autoimmune diseases. In this case, something has gone out of control in the body, which needs to be brought back to its original energy. All kinds of allergies also show that the immune system is not working properly. For example, in the case of a pollen allergy, it is a good idea to start an APM series several weeks before the pollen season. It is never too late to decide to energetically strengthen your body!

You can find APM therapists near you on this list!


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